The Best Christmas Treats to Make for Santa (and Your Kids) this Winter

There are so many amazing traditions and activities that come with the holiday season. One of our favourite things about Christmas here at Santa’s Mail Bag is all the delicious treats that come along with the celebrations.

In workplaces, schools, and family gatherings you are sure to find some mouth watering cookies, squares and cakes; brightly decorated with red and green hues that get everyone in the Christmas spirit! We are not the only ones that are excited about Christmas cookies- Santa loves to sample the various holiday treats in each home as he travels around the world too.

Looking for some inspiration this season in the kitchen? The Santa’s Mail Bag team has you covered! Not interested in desserts but you still want a new tradition for your family? Read our article about the Elf on the Shelf!

The Best Chocolate Holiday Treats

Everyone loves chocolate. It is the sweet that makes an appearance at every holiday, so why not embrace it this Christmas?


Rich, decadent and savoury. Homemade fudge is the perfect treat to enjoy after a Christmas meal. It is actually not as difficult as you might think to create your own fudge. Most recipes are based off of three basic ingredients: butter, sugar and chocolate. Baking is a breeze and it’s very easy to customize your Christmas fudge. We recommend adding some crushed up candy canes for a minty surprise!

Find the full, easy to follow fudge recipe HERE.

Reindeer Raviolis

Looking to create a dessert that is unique? S’more reindeer raviolis will have your guests intrigued and coming back for seconds. These raviolis share the appearance of classic pasta raviolis, however this version has a cookie layer that is surrounding a pocket of gooey s’mores deliciousness. When your kids, or your visiting reindeer bite into these desserts, flavour will burst out from the centre. Warning, do not make these for your family unless you are willing to start a new tradition where you have to make these heavenly treats annually!

Ready to get cooking on Rudolph’s favourite dessert pasta? Click HERE.

Christmas Tarts and Cupcakes That Will Melt in Your Mouth

It seems like every street corner now has a specialty cupcake shop on it. Give your family and friends a treat with explosive flavours that will knock them off their feet!

Gingerbread Cupcakes

(Caramelized Mango Buttercream-Optional)

Nothing says Christmas like the smell and taste of fresh gingerbread. Cupcakes do take a little more finesse and time in the kitchen but once you get the hang of it, these light and beautifully spiced creations will quickly become an annual tradition. The recipe that we found also has the option to add caramelized mango buttercream which we HIGHLY recommend.

This one’s a show stopper - find the full recipe HERE.

Brown Butter Fig Tartlets

Looking for something a little more dense than a cupcake? When you combine brown butter and cooked figs, magic happens. These tartlets are sweet, salty and savory and come topped with a bourbon-vanilla sauce and if finished with a dollop of creme fraeche, you might find yourself quickly making a second batch for your raving fans.

Time to tackle the tart? Click HERE for the full recipe.

Casual Christmas Snacks

It’s great to have some heavy hitting desserts to pull out for after your big Christmas meals but what about before the feast? When you are sitting around sharing stories and beverages, whip out these snacks to wake up your guests palette’s.

Fleur de Sel Caramels

These delicious bite sized salted caramels are explosive in flavour yet delicate enough to enjoy with coffee or appetizers. Your guests and children will be asking how you imported these treats directly from France-it can be our little secret!

Discover the details HERE.

Holiday Hazelnut Crunch

It wouldn’t be the holidays without some sort of crunchy treat. Instead of peanut brittle, give this hazelnut crunch a try! We know the song is chestnuts roasting over an open fire, but there is something so delicious about hazelnuts that we just can’t resist. Nutella fans will know what we mean!

Learn the step by step to hazelnut crunch HERE.

Hopefully a few of these unique treats caught your eye and will satisfy your hungry guests this holiday season! Classics like shortbread and gingerbread cookies are great- but they are not going to “wow” your kids.

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