An Elf on the Shelf Keeps Your Children Acting “Nice”

Have you heard about the latest holiday craze that has children on their best behavior? You don’t have an Elf on a Shelf? Read on to discover the benefits of recruiting a friend from the North Pole and get an extra set of eyes to watch over your children this Christmas!

What is an Elf on a Shelf?

The Elf on a Shelf is a Christmas tradition that has recently become much more popular through exposure on social media. There is an official Elf on the Shelf that you can purchase to use at home, however many parents have used their own elves in place of the official character. What’s his story? The tradition indicates that the elf that you place in your home has been sent by Santa Claus to keep a close watch on the children of the home. His mission – to see if all the young boys and girls in that home are acting naughty or nice.

During the day, the elf transforms himself into a toy-like figure, which seems to be an ordinary object to the untrained eye. However, your children will soon find out that at night, the elf springs to life! He then wanders around the home to chat with parents about their children’s behavior and will send frequent reports back to Santa’s head office up at the pole.

What are the Rules of the Tradition?

There are only two rules that your family must abide by. The first rule is that under no circumstances are the children to touch the elf when he is in his “toy-like” state or else they the elf will temporarily lose their magic powers and immediately report this to Santa. The official Elf on the Shelf website suggests that if this occurs, the child that touched the elf should write a letter to Santa to apologize and sprinkle a little cinnamon beside the elf before bed that evening.

This is the perfect opportunity to send your child a customized Letter From Santa, reassuring them that they are indeed a good child and keep them excited for the rest of the holiday season!

Fun Fact: Apparently cinnamon is a crucial energy source for elves and helps them get back to the North Pole so an elf doctor can help repair and restore their magic powers.

The second rule of Elf on a Shelf is that the elf must move to a new location in the home every night. Parents have had a lot of fun with this task and let their elves get into all sorts of mischief, from playing a game of poker with some other stuffed animals to testing their climbing skills over the dangerous jaws of your resident puppies cage.

Looking for some inspiration? Think of ideas that will make your kids laugh, you can never go wrong with humor!

Christmas Traditions Keep The Holiday Alive!

Think back to your childhood. What was your favourite aspect of Christmas?

You can be honest, the presents were your favourite part. Opening presents placed carefully under a Christmas tree is a tradition! As is decorating the tree, baking cookies and hanging stockings! The more traditions your family embraces, the more Christmas spirit you will find in the air around your home!

This Christmas, rediscover the tradition of writing letters to Santa with your children and get ready to soak in all the joy and wonder they will exude when they receive their very own custom letter back from the big man himself! Perhaps you can start a new tradition where you children strive to receive their annual “Nice List Certificates”. Just like a report card, your kids will be on their best behavior all year long, waiting in anticipation for that moment when they are recognized for all their good deeds.

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